DE-250 Extra Fine Diamond Wheel

Diamond grinding wheel for the Tormek T-8. The Tormek DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine is a diamond grinding wheel that provides an extra smooth finish and is especially suited to carving tools and knives requiring minimal steel removal. It is 1 200 grit.

It is suitable for sharpening many types of materials such as; steel, ceramic and carbide. Suits T-8 and T-7 models and all previous models with 250mm stone diameter.

A bottle of the Tormek ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate is included with every Diamond Wheel. It is important to always use the concentrate in the water when sharpening with water to prevent rust on the grinding wheel. Add 10ml of concentrate to 250ml of water.

*Tormek recommend always using water when sharpening with the diamond wheel, as it prolongs the life of the wheel and provides a finer surface. It is also possible to sharpen without water.

Also available in Diamond Wheel Fine and Diamond Wheel Coarse

Why DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine?

  • Diamond grinding wheel for the Tormek T-8.
  • Provides an extra smooth finish.
  • Constant shape, always maintains the same diameter.
  • Sharpens all types of steel and ceramic.
  • Allows sharpening on the flat side of the grinding wheel for a completely flat bevel.
  • Exceptional durability with diamond, the world’s hardest abrasive.

Extra Information

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