Air Conditioner’s Install Kit


High Speed Masonry Core Drill Air Conditioner’s Installation kit is perfect for brick drilling with SDS Plus fitting.

  • Speeds up to 35% faster penetration with minimal breakout.
  • Lightweight thin wall design, weighing 50% less than traditional core drills, means less resistance when cutting through masonry materials.
  • Innovative self locking mechanism for securing the pilot drill eliminates grub screws by using a unique ball locking operation.
  • Made in Sheffield UK



  • When cleanliness of breakout is critical, turn off hammer action and use ‘rotary only’ mode for the last part of the drilling process

Recommended Speed

  • Recommended speed for these cores is largely governed by the power tool itself. This is because they are designed to be used in power tools where in the majority of cases there is no facility to regulate the speed (SDS Plus, SDS Max machines etc.).
  • If used in a machine where speed regulation is possible, a general recommendation is the larger diameter of the core drill being used, the slower the speed.
Part Number Description  
AAI-KIT Air-Con Installer’s Kit. Includes: CL66S, DL100B4S, CLPDS

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