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New Tormek Friend – Kerryn Carter

Tormek welcomes an Aussie inspiration Kerryn Carter from Toolschool to the Tormek Friends family…

Be inspired and head to ww.tormek.com to watch the full film from when Tormek visit Kerryn’s workshop in Sydney Australia! 

Kerryn started her professional career as an accountant and lawyer, but never let go of her dream of becoming a woodworker. In 2012, she got the chance to take a class led by woodworker Stuart Faulkner and since then, Kerryn has continued to develop her interest in woodwork, which has now become part of her professional life.

Today, Kerryn is an appreciated woodworker, writer and educator. She runs “Tool School”, a woodwork school which primarily focuses on giving women and children the opportunity to work with tools and wood. It all started back in 2014 when she let her kids help her out in her workshop and soon realised how much they enjoyed creating. Later on, a local school asked Kerryn to teach woodwork to their students and shortly after, “Tool School” was born.

“Tool School is a way that I can really share my interest with the next generation of woodworkers.”, she explained when we visited her workshop in Sydney, Australia. Her kid’s classes are small, up to 6 children in each class, which gives Kerryn time to focus on each and every one.

When Kerryn’s not teaching, she’s working on various projects, which all have something in common: they demand sharp tools. During her time at night woodwork class with Stuart Faulkner, Kerryn was taught how to sharpen tools using both the Japanese stone method and the Tormek method, and soon realised that she preferred the Tormek method.

“I figured out that life was too short to spend it sharpening endlessly on stones or burning on bench grinders. Tormek gives me perfect blades, gouges, chisels and just about any other edge that you can think of… in seconds. This means I can spend all my time just creating beautiful things.”, she explains and continues:

“A Tormek has been at the heart of my woodworking success for a long time and is the one machine I can’t really live without. I am completely humbled at being asked to become a Tormek Friend.”

We are very happy to have Kerryn as a Tormek Friend. See the film above and get inspired by the work she does.

(written by Tormek Sweden)