Ultra Fine Finish Ripping Saw Blade

From: $102.00

FLAI Type U – Ultra Fine Finish Saw Blades

  • Specially designed to give a mirror finish on any timber; hardwood or softwood, ripping or crosscutting, with minimal teeth
  • This blade will also cut through exotic wood, chipboard, MDF and laminated panels with high quality finish
  • Perfect finish, no sanding required
  • For use on saw benches
  • Low noise saw blade thanks to the expansion slots.


* Always align your fence when using our U blade. See Fence Alignment attachment in the Extra Information tab.

Part Number Description 
LU00300040030 Saw Blade- Ultra Fine Finish ATB D300, K3.0, B30, Z40
LU00350044030 Saw Blade- Ultra Fine Finish ATB D350, K3.0, B30, Z44
LU00400048032 Saw Blade- Ultra Fine Finish ATB D400, K4.0 B32/30, Z48

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Ultra Fine Finish Saw Blade

300mm, 350mm, 400mm

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U Blade Brochure

Flai U Blade Article

Fence Alignment