Twister Multi-Material Drills – Impact Rated

From: $16.20

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Drill Bit


  • Impact rated for use in impact drivers
  • Custom ground drill tip geometry allows the bit to drill through multiple materials for versatility and convenience
  • ¼” quick-change shank means drill bits can be rapidly interchanged for convenient and hassle free drilling
  • High quality steel and 1 piece body construction for extra durability
  • Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, UK

Part Number Description
TMM05.5X150 Twister ‘Impact Rated’ Multi Material 5.5 x 150 Drill Bit
TMM06.0X150 Twister ‘Impact Rated’ Multi Material 6 x 150 Drill Bit
TMM07.0X150 Twister ‘Impact Rated’ Multi Material 7 x 150 Drill Bit
TMM08.0X150 Twister ‘Impact Rated’ Multi Material 8 x 150 Drill Bit
TMM10.0X150 Twister ‘Impact Rated’ Multi Material 10 x 150 Drill Bit


Material Sheet

Additional information

Multi-Material Drill Bits

10.0mm x 150mm, 5.5mm x 150mm, 6.0mm x 150mm, 7.0mm x 150mm, 8.0mm x 150mm

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