SVD-186 R Gouge Jig

A favorite with woodturners! The SVD-186 R Gouge Jig allows you to easily make your fingernail gouges as sharp as you like. The high level of control allows for precise repetition of your chosen profile. The gouge jig also allows you to sharpen woodcarving tools with complex shapes, such as curved or bent woodcarving gouges and V-gouges. And sharpening luthier knives and tanto knives is a breeze.


Why SVD-186 R Gouge Jig?

  • Sharpens all your gouges and other tools with complex shapes, such as V-gouges and carbide woodturning cutters.
  • Precise setting for exact repeatability with the TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter.
  • Use Tormek’s recipes for various sharpenings, or create your own.
  • Works with both Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-8, as well as older models.

The ultimate jig for woodturning tools

The SVD-186 R Gouge Jig provides exact repeatability of both the shape and the sharpening angle of your bowl gouges and profile gouges. This means you can be sure the tool will behave in the same predictable way at the lathe every time you sharpen your tools. The TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter gives you exactly the shape and sharpening angle you want, depending on your type of turning.

The SVD-186 R Gouge Jig allows you to sharpen your tools with the edge in the same the direction as the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel, with the universal support in the horizontal position. If your machine dates back to 2001 or before, you can fit an XB-100 Horizontal Base to be able to sharpen edge trailing.

The length of the gouge’s wings can also be varied so that the shape of the gouge suits your woodturning style. Nothing gives faster or sharper results when the SVD-186 R Gouge Jig is used correctly and in conjunction with your Tormek machine.

You can also sharpen your woodturning cutters with SVD-186 R Gouge Jig. Mount your cutter onto the special shaft that is included with the jig, and you get a controlled and simple sharpening of your woodturning cutters of virtually any shape.

Follow ready-made recipes, or create your own

The SVD-186 R Gouge Jig can be adjusted to give different profiles. You can create your own profile, also known as a “recipe”, or choose one of the recommended profiles from the profile guide provided with the instructions. You can use our PL-01 Profile Labels to record the settings for your recipe and attach them to the metal ring around the tool handle so that you can quickly and easily repeat the sharpening angle on your tool.

You can also sharpen carbide woodturning cutters with the SVD-186 R Gouge Jig. Mount your cutters on the special shaft supplied with the jig for controlled sharpening.