Tracker & Pacer Long Tapes

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SOLA Tracker and Pacer Long Tapes

Tracker & Pacer:

  • Durable steel tape with a rust-protective phosphate coating
  • Glare-free work and easy reading of measurements through a reflection-free coating
  • Multifunction end-hook for the secure attachment to pipes, nails or screws
  • Light and stable aluminium frame
  • Ergonomically shaped handle


  • Shock-resistance ABS plastic housing



Part Number Description  
TR020 Tracker TR 20m Steel Tape, Class II
TR030 Tracker TR 30m Steel Tape, Class II
TR050 Tracker TR 50m Steel Tape, Class II
PR100 Pacer PR 100m Steel Tape, Class II

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Tracker & Pacer Long Tapes

100m, 20m, 30m, 50m