Protect Pocket Tapes

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SOLA Protect Pocket Tapes



  • Break-proof 2-piece plastic housing
  • Secure handling thanks to a non-slip surface and ergonomic design
  • Precise tape brake for accurate internal measurements
  • Handy, compact case design
  • Long-lasting precision and protection against damage thanks to a reinforced initial tape section
  • Robust steel belt clip for secure hold

Max. measuring tolerance (Deviation +/- mm across the total length):

  • 3m +/- 0.9mm
  • 5m +/- 1.3mm
  • 8m +/- 1.9mm




The short tape PROTECT is an ideal measuring tool for everyday use, even under tough construction site conditions. Its 2-component plastic housing gives it an extremely high break resistance. Due to the ergonomic shape and the non-slip surface, it can be gripped very securely. The gentle tape return and the end-position cushioning ensure a long life span for the end hook, the tape as well as the mechanics.

The measuring results are easily readable, thanks to the reflection-free and highly wear-resistance coating of the steel tape. A precisely working tape brake prevents an unwanted retraction of the tape and enables highly accurate inside measuring.

The end hook with a slot enables the positioning on nails or screws. The short tape can be securely attached to a belt or pocket with the highly rugged steel belt clip.

Part Number Description  
PE3016 Protect PE 3m- short tape, 16mm blade
PE5019 Protect PE 5m- short tape, 19mm blade
PE8025 Protect PE 8m- short tape, 25mm blade

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Protect Pocket Tapes

3m, 5m, 8m, 8m INCH/MM