SOLA HPL High Precision Spirit Levels

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Now you can measure more accurately than ever before.

  • Highest measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Large, extra strong aluminium I profile for maximum stability
  • Thanks to highly sensitive precision vials, the smallest deviations are clearly shown
  • Better, faster and more accurate reading through patented SOLA FOCUS vials
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with a magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30 year guarantee against leakage
  • integrated handles for a comfortable grip

Max. Measuring tolerance standard position 0.30mm/m

Max. Measuring tolerance inverted position 0.50mm/m

Profile weight: 1181 g/m

Available in: 75cm, 180cm



SOLA High Precision HPL spirit level details:

  • Incorporating the patented SOLA FOCUS vial
  • Improved readability
  • Shatter-proof acrylic glass block vial
  • Maximum stability
  • Greater working comfort with integrated grips

Precision in every situation:

Efficient working thanks to the ultra-accurate HPL precision spirit level: even the smallest deviation is displayed immediately and can be read easily. When it comes to interior construction, the highest precision is essential to minimise any extra work later on when adjusting doors or windows for example.

Overhead Measuring:

The HPL precision spirit levels are perfectly adjusted to the surface you are measuring. Whether in standard or inverted position, the HPL can be used in a variety of situations and makes you work noticeably easier.

Vertical Leveling:

The integrated grips make it easy to hold and increase your working comfort. You can see and feel the benefit even during vertical leveling, such as when fitting a frame.

Part Number Description  RRP 
HPL075 High Precision 75cm Spirit Level  $              172.70
HPL3180 High Precision 180cm Spirit Level – 3 vials  $              293.70


Break-resistant Acrylic FOCUS Vials – Since 2011 all SOLA quality spirit levels and screeding levels have been equipped with the patented FOCUS vial. Compared with the standard ring vials SOLA FOCUS vials show a considerable higher contrast. Therefore this allows a better, faster and more accurate reading. This has been proved impressively through tests with professional craftsmen throughout Europe. In addition to the unbeatable precision, the vials are also distinguished by their resistance to breakage or deformation. The vial fluid is antistatic with a very good UV resistance.

30 Year Guarantee Patented Ultrasonic Welding – The leak protection is assured by the ultrasonic welding of the vials, which SOLA patented in 1969. With more experience and know-how than any other manufacturer in this area, SOLA can make the 30-year guarantee with confidence.

UV Resistant – Vial liquid light for sustained reading precision, 20 years guarantee. No bleaching in sun!

Antistatic Guarantee – SOLA vials do not become electrostatically charged thanks to the unique recipe of the liquid.

Magnifying Lens – Reduction of the reading errors, bubble movement more visible, up to 60% better readability.

Fluorescent Light Plates – gives a glowing effect in half light, for better readability.

Measuring Tolerance – Standard Measurement – A quality spirit level always indicates a maximum tolerance which may not exceed 1.00 mm/m. SOLA box profile spirit levels have a measuring tolerance of maximum 0.30 mm/m for standard measurement.

Measuring Tolerance – Inverted Measurement – Only precision-manufactured vials can be used for inverted measurement. All SOLA spirit levels in the aluminium box profile range have a measuring tolerance of maximum 1.00 mm/m.

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High Precision Level

180cm, 75cm


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