RB-180 Rotating Base

You can use the RB-180 Rotating Base to easily rotate your machine 180° and then lock it in place. This allows you to alternate between sharpening and honing, or alternate between sharpening edge trailing and edge leading in just a few seconds. With no effort.


Why RB-180 Rotating Base?

  • Rotate your machine 180°.
  • More ergonomic sharpening.
  • Saves space – you don’t need to be able to walk around the machine.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-4 and some older models.

Easily switch between sharpening and honing

Some tools are best sharpened when the stone is rotating into the edge. Other tools are best sharpened with the stone rotating away from the edge. With Tormek’s rotating base, you can easily rotate your machine 180° and adapt the direction of rotation to your needs.

The rotating base also makes it easy to switch between sharpening and honing. Always hone with the honing wheel rotating away from the edge (edge trailing), otherwise there’s a risk of the tool cutting into the honing wheel and damaging it.