SJ-200 Japanese Waterstone


This Japanese Waterstone delivers a mirror finish with hardly any visible marks at 4000 grit. It provides an EXTRA FINE surface finish on hand tools where a minimum of steel removal is needed. Ideal for carving tools. Since it has be designed to create the finest surface, it has limited steel removal capacity and cannot be used for shaping a tool.

The Tormek Japanese Waterstone is perfect for sharpening hand tools like carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and wood chisels giving a superior surface finish where minimum steel removal is needed. It's unique composition gives the stone an extremely long life. Due to the fine finish the Japanese Waterstone gives you, Tormek recommends not using the leather honing wheel afterwards.

Tormek also recommend cleaning the stone surface of steel particles every minute or so using the fine side of the SP-650 Stone Grader. Do not use the coarse side of the Stone Grader on the Japanese Waterstone. 


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