Dry Diamond Core Drills & Accessories

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Perfect for… The Ultimate in accuracy of cut and cleanliness of breakout

Combination of superior design and high quality manufacture. Ideally suited to lightweight building materials, ordinary facing brickwork and blockwork up to 10n/mm2. Range is designed to give rapid, clean service entries with virtually no making good required. Virtually no ‘Break out’ damage. Rotary action only. Can be used SDS+ or Hex driven.

DID YOU KNOW? The diamond in the Armeg Dry Diamond Core Drills is made with manufactured industrial grade diamond pieces.

Dry Diamond Core Drills can be used in:

  • General concrete
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Limestone

Perfect for drilling holes designed for:

  • Waste pipe
  • Water feed pipes
  • Cable entry/exit
  • Flue passage
  • Extractor fans
  • Exhausts
  • Dust extractor ducting


TECH TIP! It is advisable to drill a pilot hole first with a masonry bit and then core using a guide rod (9A10.0x225GR) assembled in the adaptor.


Part Number Description
CDD022LS 22mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD028LS 28mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD038 38mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD048 48mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD052 52mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD065 65mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD078 78mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD107 107mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD117 117mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD127 127mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
CDD152 152mm Dry Diamond Core Drill

Dry Diamond Core Drill Accessories-

Part Number Description  
D115B4BSP1/2 115mm SDS+ Adaptor to ½ BSP
D250SDSBSP1/2 250mm SDS+ Adaptor to ½ BSP
D070HEXBSP1/2 70mm Hex Adaptor to ½ BSP
D175HEXEXT 175mm Hex Extension Rod
D275HEXEXT 275mm Hex Extension Rod
D2001/2BSPEXT 200mm ½ BSP Extension Rod
DSDSAP 3 Piece SDS+ Adaptor Pack: 1 x DDR Drift Pin, 1 x 9A10.0x225GR Guide Rod,1 x D115B4BSP1/2 SDS Adaptor to ½ BSP
DHEXAP 3 Piece Hex Adaptor Pack: 1 x DDR Drift Pin, 1 x 9A10.0x225GR Guide Rod, 1 x D070HEXBSP1/2 Hex Adaptor to ½ BSP
A10.0x225 A Taper Pilot Drill – 10mm x 225mm
A10.0x300 A Taper Pilot Drill – 10mm x 300mm
A10.0x400 A Taper Pilot Drill – 10mm x 400mm
9A10.0x225GR A Taper 10mm x 225mm Guide Rod

Additional information

Dry Diamond Core

107mm, 117mm, 127mm, 152mm, 22mm, 28mm, 38mm, 48mm, 52mm, 65mm, 78mm