CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel

Deburrs edges quickly

The CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel is perfect for quickly deburring the edge. It comes with an integrated polish and is easy to use. You can also use your composite honing wheel for regular maintenance and to quickly regain sharpness when you don’t need to establish a new bevel. The CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel fits the Tormek T-8.


Why CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel?

  • Deburrs the edge more quickly.
  • Maintains your tools between sharpenings.
  • Durable composite material with integrated polish for cleaner honing without honing compound.
  • Vegan alternative to a leather honing wheel.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7 and older models with a honing wheel 215-220 mm (8 1/2-8 5/8″) in diameter and 26 mm (1″) wide.

Cleaner honing

The CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel is suitable for use in clean environments as you don’t need to use honing compound. Instead, it has polish integrated into the composite material. You can deburr the edge quickly and get great results without getting yourself or your work station dirty!

Wet for more feel

You can wet the CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel with a little water for smoother honing. Use a sponge or cloth dipped in plain tap water. Hold it against the honing wheel with the machine running. This gives a softer feel to honing if you otherwise find it to be a bit aggressive.