REAL GREEN technology – Real. Improved. Visible.

The crossline laser has optimum laser visibility, ensuring ultra-precise levelling, with a measurement tolerance of just 0.2 mm/m.

CROSSLINE simplifies your day-to-day tasks from day one. Whether you are laying tiles, installing heating, painting, wallpapering, or constructing furniture or exhibition stands – the high accuracy of SOLA’s CROSSLINE will save you precious time.

Its clearly visible horizontal and vertical laser lines form a cross with an angle of exactly 90°. The clearly visible line panorama makes it easy for you to make perfect and precise adjustments to furniture, fittings and flooring.

  • High accuracy
  • Compact, lightweight, handy
  • Bright, very visible laser lines
  • Rotatable base for easy and rapid alignment of the line position
  • Switchable pulse function for easy use of optional receiver REC LGDO in difficult visibility conditions


  • Horizontal levelling
  • Inclination manually
  • Vertical levelling

Included Accessories-

  • 3 x 1.5V (AA) batteries
  • BA – Battery adaptor
  • MH- Magnetic bracket
  • Carry Case

Optional upgrade:

Optional the CROSSLINE can be fitted with the latest SOLA Li-ion battery technology: This means up to 45 hours of power for the device and improved visibility of the laser lines. Short charging times and high availability make the CROSSLINE a powerful and compact package.

More info about Real Green Lasers in the tab below – Why Choose Real Green Lasers?


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Technical Details-

Item description Line laser
Dimension 120 x 65 x 105 mm
Levelling self-levelling
Measuring tolerance ±0.20 mm/m
Self-levelling range ±4°
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 25 m*
Application range with handheld receiver (radius) 80 m*
Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Tripod adapter 1/4″
Protection class IP54
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
SOLA Li-Ion battery (5200 mAh)
Operating time (at 20 °C) 7 h 3 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
17 h SOLA Li-Ion battery (5200 mAh)
Laser class 2, DIN EN 60825-1 : 2014
Output power < 5.0 mW
Wavelength 520 nm


Part Number Description  
CROSSLINEG CROSSLINE GREEN Laser. Includes: Carry case, Battery adaptor, batteries.








Why Choose Real Green Lasers?

REAL GREEN technology – Real. Improved. Visible.

GREATER VISIBILITY The human eye is not equally sensitive to all colours (wavelengths) of the light spectrum. The wavelength of green light shows the best perception of our eyes.

BRIGHTER AND SHARPER  The green light is generated directly by new laser diodes. They make the new REAL GREEN laser technology more accurate than ever. Losses and inaccuracies that occurred using earlier indirect methods are reduced to an absolute minimum.

HIGHER QUALITY  The new REAL GREEN laser technology generates laser lines with noticeably fewer speckles. This generates higher-quality laser lines to be generated, which make tasks considerably more comfortable for the user.

MORE FLEXIBILITY The wider temperature range of the new technology creates greater flexibility in the use of green lasers. Working in Temperatures ranging from -10° to +50° is possible without any problems and this broadens the scope of application.

LONGER-LASTING The new REAL GREEN technology is an outstanding feature compared with conventional green lasers, thanks to greater energy efficiency and low power consumption, therefore ensuring longer operating time.


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