Bi-Metal Holesaw Accessories

Promac Bi-Metal Holesaw accessories make it a fast easy process to start cutting!

Various options depending on your requirements  from –

  • SDS Plus Adaptors
  • Hex Shank Adaptors
  • 1/4″ Drive Shank Adaptors to suit Impact Drivers
  • Quick Change Adaptors
    • Our Quick Change adaptor system makes life easy, add a 1/2″ or 5/8″ (CH1/2″ADAPTOR, CH5/8″ADAPTOR) adaptor to each of your holesaws and use our CH1/2″QC or CH5/8″QC Arbors and push to quick release any holesaw! Save time on your work!

Image below example of Promac Bi-Metal Holesaw Quick Change System


Part Number Description  
CHADAPTOR Holesaw Adaptor from 1/2′ to 5/8″
CHD14-30HEX 9.5mm Hex Holesaw Arbour – to suit 14 to 30mm hoelsaws
CHD14-30QD 1/4 Drive Shank -to suit 14-30mm Holesaw for Impact Drivers
CHD14-30SDS 9.5mm SDS Holesaw Arbour – to suit 14 to 30mm holesaws
CHD32-152HEX 13.0mm Hex Holesaw Arbour – to suit 32 to 152mm holesaws
CHD32-152SDS 13.0mm SDS Holesaw Arbour 32 to 152mm
CH1/2″QC Quick Change Arbor with 1/2″ Adaptor – to suit 14 – 30mm Holesaws
CH5/8″QC Quick Change Arbor with 5/8″ Adaptor – to suit 32 – 152mm Holesaws
CH1/2″ADAPTOR 1/2″ Adaptor – to suit 14-30mm Holesaws
CH5/8″ADAPTOR 5/8″ Adaptor – to suit 32-152mm Holesaws
CHPDS Holesaw Pilot Drill