Tile Smasher


Tile Smasher Jackhammer Attachment 

For removing floor tiles, vinyl and cork

  • Machined out of a solid block of High Grade Steel
  • Suits most Jackhammers and is built to last
  • 2mm thick high tensile steel blade



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Blade dimension – 150mm x 156mm x 2mm

Weight – 3.35kg

Part Number Description  RRP  
FCT150BH Tile Smasher Head  $      950.00
FCT150RB Replacement blade 150mm to suit FCT150BH  $          84.00
FCT150BK Replacement Parts Kit for FCT150BH  $          31.58

STEMS to suit:

914644 Stem 300mm Long to suit PH65 Series  $         44.12
914977 Stem 300mm Long to suit SDS Max Series  $          16.71
914483  Stem 275mm Long to suit K900 Series  $          33.43