SVX-150 Scissors Jig

Give your scissors a turn on your Tormek with the SVX-150 Scissors Jig. It works with most types of scissors and shears, from small household scissors to large hedge shears. You can even sharpen pinking shears that cut fabric in zigzags and certain blades for electronic hand planes.

Why SVX-150 Scissors Jig?

  • Make your blunt old scissors sharper than when they were new.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Works with both Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-8, as well as older models.
  • Works with most types of scissors and shears.

Simple setup

The scissors or shears are mounted in a holder that rests against the support plate. The sharpening angle can be set so that you can repeat the existing sharpening angle exactly. You grind away the smallest possible amount of material every time, no matter what angle the scissors or shears are at.