Straight Router Bit

Router bits specifically indicated for the production of any type of groove or joint on soft or hard wood or derivatives. Used on portable electrical or professional bench routers.

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Part Number Description   Retail 
PD001030080 D3.00 LU8.00 S1/4″  $28.06
PD001039103 D3.97 LU10.32 S1/4″   $34.41
PD001051127 D5.16 LU12.70 S1/4″    $37.86
PD001060158 D6.00 LU15.88 S1/4″   $27.18
PD001060254 D6.00 LU25.40 S1/4″    $29.89
PD001063198 D6.35 LU19.84 S1/4″  $28.06
PD001063254 D6.35 LU25.40 S1/4″    $29.89
PD001080200 D8.00 LU20.00 S1/4″  $28.06
PD001100200 D10.00 LU20.00 S1/4″    $29.89
PD001120200 D12.00 LU20.00 S1/4″    $29.89
PD001120317 D12.00 LU31.75 S1/4″    $31.69
PD001160200 D16.00 LU20.00 S1/4″    $31.69
PD001200200 D20.00 LU20.00 S1/4″  $35.30
PE001060190 D6.00 LU19.05 S1/2″  $28.96
PE001100254 D10.00 LU25.40 S1/2″  $28.96
PE001120254 D12.00 LU25.40 S1/2″  $28.96
PE001120317 D12.00 LU31.75 S1/2″  $31.69
PE001127508 D12.70 LU50.80 S1/2″  $48.50
PE001127635 D12.70 LU63.50 S1/2″  $52.12
PE001160254 D16.00 LU25.40 S1/2″  $32.57
PE001200200 D20.00 LU20.00 S1/2″  $37.09