SDS Max Series

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 Quality forgings and precision machining combine to provide a durable steel with proven performance standards.

Ideal for many applications including; demolition, breakthrough work, chiselling, stripping plaster and channelling. Can be used in most masonry material such as; concrete, brickwork, mortar, re-enforced concrete etc.

Machines which suit SDS Max Series:

  • AEG
    • PN11E, PN400E, PM10E
  • Atlas Copco
    • PH55
  • Bosch
    • GBH5, GBH5CE, GBH5/40DCE, GBH8DCE, GBH10/DC, GBH38, GSH4, GSH10C, GSH11E, GSH5E,GSH388, GBH 7-45DE
  • Dewalt
    • DW540K, DW541K, DW543K, DW545K
  • Hilti
    • TE42, TE52, TE54, TE72, TE74, TE92, TE504, TE706AVR
  • Hitachi
    • H60MB H45MR
  • Metabo
    • BH6045S, KHE55, KHE75, MHE95, MHE65
  • Makita
    • HM1100C
  • Ramset
    • 355, 385, 455, 575, 560, 610, 605


Part Number Description
914985 100x165mm Clayspade 450mm Long
914977 Stem for floor cleaning tool 300mm Long
100331 50mm Cranked Tile Lifter 300mm Long
G360MXC 25mm Chisel 360mm Long
G360MXP Point 360mm Long
G500MXC 25mm Chisel 500mm
G500MXP Point 500mm Long
G50MXSC 50mm Wide Chisel 400mm Long
G80MXSC 75mm Wide Chisel 300mm Long

Additional information

SDS Max Series

100x165mm Clayspade 450mm Long, 25mm Chisel 360mm Long, 25mm Chisel 500mm, 50mm Cranked Tile Lifter 300mm Long, 50mm Wide Chisel 400mm Long, 75mm Wide Chisel 300mm Long, Point 360mm Long, Point 500mm Long, Stem for floor cleaning tool 300mm Long