Rebar Cutting Drill Bits & Accessories

The Drilling Solution to REBAR!

Perfect for… Drilling in reinforced concrete when hole location is fixed.

A series of highly effective cutters in a range of diameters to match the most popular anchor sizes. Driven by unique, dedicated water feed adaptors and extensions.

Made in Sheffield

  • Always ensure Rebar Drill Bits are water cooled – use Armeg’s water cooling system PTCWFKIT (water pump).



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Part Number Description  RRP  
CR12 Rebar Cutter 12mm  $        153.00
CR14 Rebar Cutter 14mm  $        168.00
CR16 Rebar Cutter 16mm  $        183.00
CR18 Rebar Cutter 18mm  $        199.00
CR20 Rebar Cutter 20mm  $        210.00
CR25 Rebar Cutter 25mm  $        229.00
CREXT Rebar Extension Rod for Drive Adaptor  $          57.49
CRSDSAD Rebar SDS+ Drive Adaptor  $        114.00
CRTHCON Rebar Cutter Thread Converter (12mm & 14mm Only)  $          57.00