Rebar Cutting Drill Bits & Accessories

The Drilling Solution to REBAR!

Perfect for… Drilling in reinforced concrete when hole location is fixed.

A series of highly effective cutters in a range of diameters to match the most popular anchor sizes. Driven by unique, dedicated water feed adaptors and extensions.

Made in Sheffield

  • Always ensure Rebar Drill Bits are water cooled – use Armeg’s water cooling system PTCWFKIT (water pump).




Part Number Description
CR14 Rebar Cutter 14mm
CR16 Rebar Cutter 16mm
CR18 Rebar Cutter 18mm
CR20 Rebar Cutter 20mm
CR25 Rebar Cutter 25mm
CREXT Rebar Extension Rod for Drive Adaptor
CRSDSAD Rebar SDS+ Drive Adaptor
CRTHCON Rebar Cutter Thread Converter (14mm Only)

Additional information

Rebar Cutter

CR14, CR16, CR18, CR20, CR25