PROTON S Rotation Laser



Rotation Laser with Inclination Adjustment

The new SOLA PROTON horizontal rotation laser is extremely economical through its suitability for a wide range of applications. With a single model you can perform horizontal and inclination measurements. An investment that will surely pay off.

The intelligent operating concept makes the PROTON extremely economical: the inclination features are only accessible via the remote control PN RC. To carry out any kind of horizontal levelling task, the unit can also be safely operated by less experienced staff without a remote control. This will enable an even more intensive utilization of the device.

  • Particularly easy and safe operation even for less experienced users
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic height monitoring, stops the laser in case of strong vibration
  • Robust: IP66 protection and a drop resistance rating from one meter height onto concrete

The PROTON S set is an absolute professional when it comes to inclinations: Construction work in the wastewater and sewer area Road work, garden design and landscaping Parking garages, ramps, drainage systems.

  • Automatic levelling in the 1-axis inclined operation up to an angle of 30° (with inclination adapter NK1)
  • Receiver with a high range and digital measurement display
  • SOLA Li-ion battery: full performance and a good visibility of the laser line till the very end
  • Inclination functions are only accessible via the remote control PN RC
  • Without a remote control: a safe operation is even possible for less experienced users
  • Automatic height monitoring, stops the laser in case of strong vibration


  • Horizontal levelling
  • Inclination 1 axis
  • Inclination 2 axes
  • Inclination manually

Included Accessories-


Full power. Full versatility. Lithium-ion batteries provide lots of power and only occupy very little space. With only one battery charge, the PROTON is ready for 30 hours of use. The full performance and a good visibility of the lines will remain constant until the very end. It only needs to be connected to the charger when the battery is completely empty.


Technical details
Item description Horizontal rotation laser
Dimension 200 x 196 x 230 mm
Levelling automatic
Measuring tolerance ±0.10 mm/m
Self-levelling range ±5°
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 20 m*
Application range with handheld receiver (radius) 500 m*
Operating temperature -5 °C to +50 °C
Rotation speed 600 1/min
Tripod adapter 5/8″
Protection class IP66
Power supply SOLA Li-Ion battery (5200 mAh)
Operating time (at 20 °C) 30 hrs
Laser class 2, DIN EN 60825-1 : 2007-10
Output power < 3.4 mW
Wavelength 630 – 680 nm


Part Number Description
PROTONH PROTON S Horizontal Rotation Laser.






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