ALX Industrial Panel Melamine Saw Blades


TCT Circular sawblade for cutting with good finish of wood derivative panels, such as plywood, chipboard and MDF. The particular slots on the plate make this product a low noise sawblade.

Use on table saws, also coupled with FLAI concial scoring blades, or on miter saws.

Laser Cut: Laser cutting, as opposed to traditional cutting, allows the use of highly resistant steels. In this way it is possible to obtain very rigid blade plates, with more stable blades that are more suited to working in demanding conditions.

Expansion Slots: The plates FLAI universal blades include expansion slots that make it possible to absorb deformations due to force and increase in temperature of the steel during working. By remaining straight, circular blades allow a more precise cut and longer life.

Low noise slots: This range of blades has original inlays on their plates, filled with a special sound-absorbent material, which reduces the sound and hence the vibrations they produce.


Part Number Description   
LALX250080030 ALX SAW BLADE FOR MELAMINE D250, K3.2, B30, Z80

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