MB-100 Multi Base

The Tormek MB-100 Multi base used in conjunction with the Tormek Diamond Wheels now allows you to now get a completely flat bevel that is preferable in some applications. It has an adjustment line that allows you to fix the sharpening position based on the optimal setting for each tool and jig. It can be mounted to the machine either vertically or horizontally.

MB-100 Multi Base can be used with the following jigs: SVM-45 Knife jig, SVM-140 Long Knife jig, SVM-00 Small Knife holder, SVX-150 Scissors jig, SVA-170 Axe jigSVS-38 Short tool jig, SVD-186 Gouge jig, SVS-50 multi jig, SE-77 Square edge jig and SVD-110 Tool rest.

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