ENW25 Digital Spirit Level


At just 25 cm, the short digital inclinometer from SOLA is ideally suited
for the precise measurement of inclinations and angles with smaller
contact surfaces. The ENW 25 is used, for example, for installing
window sills or laying pipelines. Thanks to its compact size, the device
can be easily stowed in any tool box and be transported.

  • Measuring tolerance Solatronic module:
    0.05° at 0° and 90°
    0.1° between 1° and 89°
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, %, mm/m and in/ft
  • “Hold” function for storing measured values and for transferring angles
  • Switchable audible signal guidance in difficult visible conditions
  • Comfortable reading through a reversible display for inverted measurements
  • Protection class IP65
Part Number Description  
ENW25 Digital 25cm Spirit Level with Inclinometer

Solatronic module with practical functions
The key feature of the ENW digital spirit level is the integrated electronic
inclinometer module (Solatronic module). The measuring results can be
displayed via the ‘Mode’ function either in degrees (°), mm/m, percent
(%) or in/ft (decimal or fractional). Using the ‘Hold’ function, measuring
results can be saved for later use and angles can be transferred easily.

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement



ENW Spirit Level Flyer