A Taper Masonry Drill Bits

From: $34.80

Lengths over 150mm can be used as pilot drills for Deep Core Lightweight Drills and Dry Diamond Core Drills.



Part Number Description  
A08.0x150 A Taper 8 x150 Masonry Drill
A10.0x150 A Taper 10 x150 Masonry Drill
A10.0x225 A Taper 10 x225 Masonry Drill
A10.0x300 A Taper 10 x300 Masonry Drill
A10.0x400 A Taper 10 x400 Masonry Drill

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A Taper Masonry Drills

08.0X150, 10.0X150, 10.0X225, 10.0X300, 10.0X400