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Magnetic BIG RED/RED Spirit Levels

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SOLA BIG RED/RED Magnetic Spirit Levels

There are normal magnetic spirit levels, and then there are the RED M &
BIG RED M magnetic box-profile spirit levels. These two powerhouses
aren’t just strong – they’re smart as well. They provide the user with
impressive advantages thanks to an entirely new lateral magnet
installation method.


As the magnets are inserted into the box profile laterally, the
measuring surface is entirely smooth, is easy to clean and allows for
clean and precise work.

The magnets will not disengage or become damaged by a rise in
temperature or vibrations.

The extra strong neodymium magnets stop the spirit level from
slipping when measuring and allow for hands-free operation, meaning
tasks such as aligning and adjusting metal posts or beams become
easier. The magnets guarantee a strong hold, even on pipes and
painted or curved steelwork components.

The RED M and BIG RED M magnetic spirit levels can withstand heavy
loads at building sites due to their exceptionally strong profiles.

Smooth, clean measuring surface
The magnets’ lateral installation into the profile creates an entirely
smooth measuring surface for precise and clean measurement results.
The smooth surface makes the spirit level easy to clean, minimises the
chances of scratches and prevents injuries caused by metal particles
which adhere to the magnets.