Square & Angle Finders :: Angle Finders and Square


QUADRANFIX – With the Quadranfix it is very easy to measure or transfer angles.  Simply place and read from the LCD display.  You can use the vials to establish the horizontal and vertical line.  Batteries are included in the scope of delivery.  Measuring range is 355 degrees.  Indicates in 0.1 degree steps.

WINKLESTAR – The Winklestar Builder’s Square is a folding builder’s square for variable transfer or taking of angles from zero to 270 degrees.  Angles can be fixed at 15 degree increments using the lockable joint.  With built in vials it can also be used as a spirit level.  Short leg is 60cm, long leg is 80cm.

Part NumberDescriptionRetail Price
714600DBMI Quadranfix 600mm Digital Angle Finder$632.90
715060080BMI Winklestar Adjustable Builders Level Short Leg - 60cm Long Leg 80cm$197.40