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Rotating Base RB-180, Enables you to easily rotate the machine 180° and lock it with complete stability. It makes it easy to alternate between sharpening and honing or sharpening towards or away from the edge. Fits all models: T-7, T-3, 2000, 1200, SA-250 and N-1500.

Price $89.14


Truing Tool TT-50, Trues the grindstone exactly round and flat. Guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs. Screw feed with dual knobs for smooth feed across the stone. The cutting depth can be set within 0,25 mm (0,01").  PRICE $164.27

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Stone Grader SP-650, For changing the function of the grindstone. The fine side grades the stone for a 1000 grit finish. The coarse side of the grader reverses the stone to normal fast grinding. Activates a glazed stone. PRICE $49.66

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Profiled Leather Honing Wheel LA-120, For the inside honing and polishing of turning gouges, carving gouges and V-tools. With exchangeable profiles. Mounts outside the standard honing wheel.   PRICE $105.69

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AngleMaster, WM-200

Sets and measures the edge angle. Adjustable to any stone diameter from Ø 250 mm or 10" down to Ø 150 mm or 6". Measures from 10° to 75°. Magnets keeps it in place.   PRICE $40.12

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Turning Tool Setter TTS-100, For instant replication of the geometries on turning gouges and skews when using the SVD-185 Gouge Jig and the SVS-50 Multi Jig. With built in edge geometries. Works on any stone diameter. PRICE $49.66

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Honing Compound PA-70, For application on the leather honing wheels. Grain size 3 micron (average). Removes the burr and polishes the edge to a mirror finish.   PRICE $16.55

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Machine Cover MH-380, For protecting the machine from shavings and wood dust.   PRICE $40.75


Handbook HB-10, Explains the basics in edge tool sharpening and how to best work with the Tormek system. 161 pages and 660 line drawings.    PRICE $62.40

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Woodturner’s Instruction Box TNT-300, Contains a 80 minutes DVD and a handbook on the Tormek TNT sharpening system. Shows how to shape, sharpen and hone all your turning tools. The film is made by Jeff Farris and the handbook is written by Torgny Jansson.    PRICE $82.47


Bench Grinder Mounting Set, BGM-100The Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 includes all the hardware you need to use the patented Tormek woodturning jigs on a bench grinder.    PRICE $175.73

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