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FlaiArmor Coating: FlaiArmor is extremely unique to FLAI High Performance, this particular feature is not found on any other manufactures saw blade. FlaiArmor protects the sawblade from rust, which ultimately gives a longer lasting sawblade. 

Expansion Slots: The plates of all Flai blades include expansion slots that make it possible to absorb deformations due to force and increase in temperature of the steel during working. By remaining straight, circular blades allow a more precise cut and longer life. 

Anti-kickback shoulder design: The original chip limiter on the body of the blade limits the possibility of dangerous kicks due to over-feeding.

Type Z:

TCT circular sawblade with positive hook angle and anti-kickback device, perfect for cutting wood and derivatives. Used on portable machines and miter saws. (Combination, Cross Cutting, Fine Finish, and Ripping Saw Blades)


Part Number



Retail Price 

LZ00160024020G6 Combination ATB D160, K2.4 B20, Z24  $66.19
LZ00160036020X6 Cross Cutting ATB D160, K2.4, B20, Z36  $80.22
LZ00160048020F6 Fine Finish ATB D160, K2.4, B20, Z48  $106.30
LZ00180014020R12 Ripping ATB D180, K2.4 B20/16, Z14  $68.19
LZ00180024020G12 Combination ATB D180, K2.4 B20/16, Z24  $78.89
LZ00180036020X12 Cross Cutting ATB D180, K2.4 B20/16, Z36  $95.61
LZ00216024030R22 Ripping ATB D216, K2.4, B30, Z24  $158.22
LZ00216048030X22 Cross Cutting ATB D216, K2.4, B30, Z48   $123.01
LZ00216060030F22 Fine Finish ATB D216, K2.4, B30, Z60  $137.05
LZ00235024025R26 Ripping ATB D235, K2.8, B25, Z24   $117.00
LZ00235036025G26 Combination ATB D235, K2.8, B25, Z36  $120.34
LZ00235048025X26 Cross Cutting ATB D235, K2.8, B25, Z48   $127.02
LZ00235060025F26 Fine Finish ATB D235, K2.8, B25, Z60   $137.05
LZ00250024030R27 Ripping ATB D250, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z24  $108.30
LZ00250040030G27 Combination ATB D250, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z40   $112.31
LZ00250060030X27 Cross Cutting ATB D250, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z60  $135.04
LZ00250080030F27 Fine Finish ATB D250, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z80  $187.86
LZ00260060030 X28 Cross Cutting ATB D260, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z60  $140.39
LZ00300032030R30 Ripping ATB D300, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z32  $146.41 
LZ00300048030G30 Combination ATB D300, K2.8, B30/25.4 Z48  $159.11
LZ00300060030X30 Cross Cutting ATB D300, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z60  $191.87
LZ00300080030F30 Fine Finish ATB D300, K2.8, B30, Z80  $203.91