Saw Blades :: 2. Ultimate Fine Finish & Ripping Saw Blade

Type U:

The Ultimate Blade

TCT circular sawblade for ripping and crosscutting softwood, hardwood, exotic wood and for cutting chipboard, MDF and laminated panels with high quality.
Thanks to the particular design, the Type U sawblade can substitute for more specific tools (i.e. ø 300 z48, ø 300 z60, ø 300 z72 o ø 300 z96) with a superior cutting finish.
Given the great versatility of use, the Type U sawblade is intended for specialized (sharpeners, retailers of tools and machines) as a more generic users (hardware, wholesalers and generic distributors). The particular slots on the plate make this item a low noise sawblade. Use on table saws. 


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Part Number



Retail Price 

LU00250040030Ultra Fine Finish ATB D250, K3.0 B30,Z40  $195.21
LU00300040030Ultra Fine Finish ATB D300, K3.0, B30, Z40  $207.92
LU00350044030Ultra Fine Finish ATB D350, K3.0, B30, Z44  $280.78
LU00400048032Ultra Fine Finish ATB D400, K4.0 B32/30, Z48  $313.55
LU00450048032Ultra Fine Finish ATB D450, K3.5 B32/30, Z48  $327.58