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Hot rolled Steel: Flai uses exclusively hot rolled steel, as opposed to cold rolled used by other manufactures. The cold rolling process causes tension in the steel which make it impossible to obtain a homogenous material to provide a perfectly stable flat blade body. With hot rolling, the steel is free from the tensions found in cold rolling, and furthermore each plate is individually heat treated to obtain an unmatched structural uniformity.  

Laser Cut: Laser cutting, as opposed to traditional cutting, allows the use of highly resistant steels. In this way it is possible to obtain very rigid blade bodies, with more stable blades that are more suited to working in demanding conditions. 

Tooth Design: Blades for cutting light alloys are manufactured with special angles so that they are also ideal for cutting of profiles with extremely thin walls.

Type N: TCT circular sawblade with negative hook angle, ideal for cutting thin aluminium or light alloys profiles. Used on table saws, single or dual miter saws and portable machines. (Aluminium Saw Blades)

Type P: TCT circular sawblade with positive hook angle, ideal for cutting solid or profiled aluminium or light alloys of high thickness. Used on table saws and single or dual miter saws with mechanical clamping of the piece. (Aluminium Saw Blades)

Part NumberDescription  

Retail Price

LZNT216060030Aluminium TCG D216, K2.8, B30, Z60 Thin Alloys or Thin Profile  $153.10
LN00250080030Aluminium TCG D250, K3.2, B30, Z80 Thin Alloys or Thin Profile   $217.94
LN00300096030Aluminium TCG D300, K3.2, B30, Z96 Thin Alloys or Thin Profile   $260.06
LN00350108030Aluminium TCG D350, K3.6, B30, Z108 Thin Alloys or Thin Profile   $332.27
LN00400120032Aluminium TCG D400, K4.0, B32/30, Z120 Thin Alloys or Thin Profiles   $433.88
LP00250100030Aluminium TCG D250, K2.8, B30, Z100 Solid Alloys or Thick Profiles   $219.28