Router Bits :: 1. Straight Router Bit


Router bits specifically indicated for the production of any type of groove or joint on soft or hard wood or derivatives. Used on portable electrical or professional bench routers.

Part NumberDescription  Retail 
PD001030080D3.00 LU8.00 S1/4"  $28.06
PD001039103D3.97 LU10.32 S1/4"  $34.41
PD001051127D5.16 LU12.70 S1/4"   $37.86
PD001060158D6.00 LU15.88 S1/4"  $27.18
PD001060254D6.00 LU25.40 S1/4"   $29.89
PD001063198D6.35 LU19.84 S1/4" $28.06
PD001063254D6.35 LU25.40 S1/4"   $29.89
PD001080200D8.00 LU20.00 S1/4"  $28.06
PD001100200D10.00 LU20.00 S1/4"   $29.89
PD001120200D12.00 LU20.00 S1/4"   $29.89
PD001120317D12.00 LU31.75 S1/4"  


PD001160200D16.00 LU20.00 S1/4"   $31.69
PD001200200D20.00 LU20.00 S1/4"  $35.30
PE001060190D6.00 LU19.05 S1/2"  $28.96
PE001100254D10.00 LU25.40 S1/2"  $28.96
PE001120254D12.00 LU25.40 S1/2"  $28.96
PE001120317D12.00 LU31.75 S1/2"  $31.69
PE001127508D12.70 LU50.80 S1/2" $48.50
PE001127635D12.70 LU63.50 S1/2"  $52.12
PE001160254D16.00 LU25.40 S1/2"  $32.57
PE001200200D20.00 LU20.00 S1/2" $37.09