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· Stepless locking. Locks at any angle between pre-set stops.

·  Preset locking. Quick and accurate for 4,5,6,8 and 12 sided frames and 90° cuts.

·  Compound action. Patented technique for easy compound mitre cuts. 

·  Automatic saw suspension for safe positioning of workpiece. 

·  Parallel parking. Very useful for storage and transport.

·  Fast action clamps. Can be mounted in two positions to hold the workpiece securely.

·   Material support. Makes cutting of longer workpieces easy and more accurate.  

·   Length stop specially designed for a mitred cut. Maximum length at 45° - 860mm. Optional 1100mm length stop available for maximum 1335mm cut.

·   Depth -stop. For a pre-set cutting depth.

Champion Mitre Saw


(Carpentry General Duty Saw Blade 18tpi)

Accuracy Champion Saw

No other mitre saw has combined accuracy, capacity and outstanding technical solutions as Nobex Champion. Both the table surface and the back support are precision grinded to achieve absolute flatness and angle accuracy. That is why Nobex Champion is the only saw on the market that can guarantee an angle accuracy of 0,08 degrees. Interior fittings carpenters know that the fast settings, the accuracy and the perfect cuts makes Champion superior to electric mitre saws for many operations. 

Low Friction Blade Guide

The unique low-friction blade guides are very important for the accuracy of Nobex Champion. They support the blade very tight from both sides and they follow the up and down movements of the saw in such a way that the teeth of the saw blade cannot touch the guides.

pre-set locking

Nobex Champion has pre-set locking for six important angles in both directions and the angle-setting is fast and simple. It also locks at any angle between the pre-set stops with a lever on the backside of the saw.  

wall extensions

Individually grinded removable wall extensions allow very high work pieces. They give full support up to 180 mm (7__). That is why Champion is the obvious alternative when the capacity of the circle saw falls short.  


Champion comes with a smart saw suspension which allows safe positioning of the work-piece. The saw is automatically released when the sawing starts.  

Action Clamps  

Champion is equipped with two strong fast action clamps with elastic rubber-foot. They can be mounted in two positions, with the option to press from the front or obliquely from above.  

height stops

Two movable height stops allow absolute control of deep and slopeness of the saw cuts.  

Length Stop

The saw is equipped with a telescopic length-stop. It also works as a support for long work-pieces when the stop lug is removed. Compound mitring is simple thanks to the grinded parallel grooves on the sawtable. That is very important not only for interior fittings, but also for demanding fine woodworking.  

Nobex Champion is in many situations superior to motorised mitre saws for interior decoration tasks. It is light and flexible, the angle setting is very fast and it creates unbeatably clean and accurate cuts. The minimal dust emission, the low sound level and no need of electricity are qualities that now and then are necessities. 

High Moldings

High mouldings can be bevelled in a professional way with Champion. It means that only the shaped part is mitred 45 degrees, while the flat part is cut 90 degrees and pressed against theopposite side. This gives a closed and invisible joint even if the wood is shrinking. 


When joining ceiling boards is it a good idea to bevel the joint at least 15 degrees because it makes the joints nearly invisible if the cut is perfect. Champion will fulfil the highest demands. 

Wide Door Casings

The bevelling of wide door casings is a demanding task. Even very small angle deviations or rough cuts destroy the general impression.The step-less angle adjustment also allows you to create exact joints even if the casing is not right-angled. Please, have a closer look at Nobex Multifix* which can be of great help for measuring and dividing the angles. 

Big Tubes

Nobex Champion is of great help for mitring big tubes or cable channels, especially when the capacity of the circle saws is too limited.