Measuring Tapes :: 2. Glass Fibre Measuring Tapes


Glassfibre measuring tapes are in a variety of sizes up to 100m. Handle design and features manufacted using the most up to date techniques. winding arm can be mounted on either side for right or left hand users. Top grade high impact ABS. Nylon and Teflon bearings. Glassfibre plastic tape, class II accuracy, graduation mm/cm, flextop, commencement B: Measurement increments commence at base of the flextop and hook ring.

Part Number 


Retail Price

520324020BHGlass Fibre Extruded Plastic Coat 20m Measuring Tape Class (II) with Hookring$78.30
520334030BHGlass Fibre Extruded Plastic Coat 30m Measuring Tape Class (II) with Hookring$104.40
520344050BHGlass Fibre Extruded Plastic Coat 50m Measuring Tape Class (II) with Hookring$156.60
520344100BHGlass Fibre Extruded Plastic Coat 100m Measuring Tape Class (II) with Hookring