Measuring Tapes :: 1. Basic Measuring Tapes


Compact measuring tapes in a variety of lengths up to 100 metres. Handle design and materials based on the most up to date research.  Winding arm can be mounted on either side for right or lefthand users.  Top grade high impact ABS.  Nylon and Teflon bearings.Measuring tape with tempered spring blade made of carbon steel C75 covered by anticorrosive phosphate layer then a stoved white syntheticresin.  It has a printed graduation with red metre digits and finished in a stoved clear varnish to protect against wear. 

Part Number


Retail Price

501314020BHFBasic 20 Metre Measuring Tape (13mmx0.2mm)$84.20
501314030BHFBasic 30 Metre Measuring Tape (13mmx0.2mm)$103.10
501324050BHFBasic 50 Metre Measuring Tape (13mmx0.2mm)$144.20
501344100BHFBasic 100 Metre Measuring Tape (13mmx0.2mm)$325.00