Levels :: 5. Inclitronic Digital Levels


Inclitronic levels measure angles electronically and displays them in a digital mode. The measuring processor can be calibrated within seconds. Angles can be measured in degree or at the touch of a button. Measurement display in 0.1 or 0.1% steps. Arrows in the display indicate, in which direction the Inclitronic is to be moved, in order to reach 0 to 90 degree position. By pressing the HOLD key, the current measurement value can be saved. Switch operated buzzer for 0 or 90 degree position. Can also be used conventionally with the
vertical and horizontal vial. Sturday powder coated aluminium profile with milled measuring surface in the robust four chamber profile frame.

Part Number


Retail Price

601060BMI 60cm Electronic Digital Angle Level $495
601120BMI 120cm Electronic Digital Angle Level $522