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Superstar Spirit Levels

The original BMI domed round horizontal vial with magnifying effect providing unsurpassed readability, also for inverted measurment.


strong walls and shock-absorbing rubber end-caps preserve high measuring accuracy. Highest accuracy for life(0.5mm/m) sue to ultrasonic-welded vials. Milled measuring surface up to 120cm. 2 vial up to 100cm, 3 vial over 120cm.

Part Number 



699030ASuperstar 30cm Spirit Level$48.95
699040ASuperstar 40cm Spirit Level$52.21
699060ASuperstar 60cm Spirit Level$58.73
699080ASuperstar 80cm Spirit Level $65.26
699100ASuperstar 100cm Spirit Level $75.05
699120SSuperstar 120cm 3 Vial Spirit Level $99.86
699200SSuperstar 200cm 3 Vial Spirit Level $156.63