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Topomat Laser Level 

The TopoMAT IPX5 64802N-SET Rotating Laser Set automatically ensures accuracy in every application; outdoors and indoors, underground, electrical installations - in every case topoMAT is the best choice for saving valuable time and achieving the best results.

TopoMAT's infra-red remote control unit, it's hand-held receiver and it's selection of
accessories make it a versatile one-man levelling system.

It's special advantages are automatic self-levelling, remote control, and an automatic
laser cut-out feature if the main unit is out of alignment or is accidentally knocked during use. 

Can be used vertically, horizontally or on an incline.
It is a dot laser, line laser, plumb laser and pipe laser.  The most versatile on the

Technical Data for the topoMAT IPX5 64802N-SET  


Type of Laser    red diode laser, wavelength 635nm, output <1mW, laser class 2

Self Levelling Range  approximately +/- 4 degrees corresponds to approximately+/-6%

Levelling Precision                       +/- 2.6mm/30m

Levelling Time                              typically less than 30 seconds

Laser Range                                  300m diameter with detector

Speed                                600, 300 and 100 rotations per minute

Lines                     Scan function with 15o, 30o and 45o spreading

Remote control dot/line          slow or fast travel to right or left

Power Supply                     3 x 1.5 volt Mono LR20 ‘D’ Cells

Operating Period                           approximately 70 hours

Degree of Protection                    IP54 compliant – rainproof

Tripod Connection Size        5/8 inch thread (surveyor’s tripod)

Dimensions                           approximately 200x200x250mm

Weight                                           2.3kg


Range                                            up to 50m depending on position in direction of receiver lens

Power Supply                                9V Battery block 6 LR61

Operating Period                           depending on the degree of utilisation  


Range                                            approximately 150m

Degree of Protection                    IP67 compliant, waterproof

Power Supply                                2 x 1.5 volt Mingnon AA LR6

Operating Period    depending on the degree of utilisation

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64802N-SETBMI TopoMat Self Levelling Rotary Laser Level Set – includes Remote, Inclimeter, Wall Mounting Bracket, Staff Bracket, Receiver, Beam Splitting Prism