Lasers :: 1. Nautilus IPX7 Construction Laser Level Set


Nautilus Laser Level - IPX7 Construction Level 

It is almost indestructible! It features Alloy Housing, it is dustproof, waterproof submersible up to 1 metre and impact resistant. This means a long, long life!  

It is great value! It has a 3 year warranty; electronic mechanism means reduced calibration requirements! This means reduced down time & keeps you earning $$

It is simple! One touch start and stop. Fully electronic self levelling. Easy to use, no confusion. No accidental “Manual level setting” – safe and reliable.  

It is mistake proof! It features ESP Fully Electronic Levelling. If it moves out of the height position (2mm @ 10m) it will switch off until you recheck your levels and restart the laser. It is impossible to make mistake! 

The Ultimate Contractor's Laser: 

The ultimate safeguard- auto shut off if bumped or moved!  

The ultimate ease of use- totally auto levelling!         

The ultimate in protection- totally waterproof and dustproof! 

The ultimate in toughness- shock protecting rubber bumpers!

The ultimate in quality- Made in Germany!

The ultimate in economy- receiver means one man operation!

The ultimate in safety- class 2 laser!

Technical Data for the Nautilus IPX7

Construction Laser 64803AH-SET   

Type of Laser               red diode laser, wave length 650mm

Output                                           <1mw; laser class 2

Self Levelling Range        approximately +/- 4 degrees corresponds to approximately+/-6%

Levelling Accuracy                     +/- 2.6mm/30m

Operating Temperature               -10 oC + 50oC

Levelling Time                  typically less than 30 seconds

Distance (Laser)                  300m radius (with receiver) 

Rotation                                 600 revolutions per minute

Power Supply         Rechargeable batteries with charger (Ni-MH) without memory effect

Service Life                             70 hrs

Protective System         Waterproof, IP67 compliant Submersible up to 1m

Tripod Connection Size                 5/8 inch thread (surveyor’s tripod)

Dimensions                        approximately 170x170x220mm

Weight                                           2.5kg


Range                                            150m

Sensitivity Levels                         3

Power Supply                                9V Block

Service Life                                   depending on degree of use  

Part Number


Retail Price

64803AH-SETBMI Nautilus IPX7 Construction Laser Level Set includes: receiver, rechargeable battery pack, receiver bracket and soft carry case$2,585.58
                         Technical data NAUTILUS:
Laser type: red diode laser, wavelength 650 nm
output: < 1 mW; laser class 2
Self-levelling range: approx. ± 4° corresponds to ± 6%
Levelling precision: ± 2.6 mm/30 m
Working range: - 10 through + 50° C
Levelling time: < 30 seconds
Range: 300 mØ with receiver
Speed: 600 rotations per minute
Power supply: Operation via mains or rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH) 4 x 1.2 V baby, size A, LR 14
Operating time: 70 hours
Protection class: waterproof in accordance with IP 67
Dimensions: approx. 170 x 170 x 220 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

Technical data receiver:
Range: 150 m                                                                                  
Sensitivity levels: 3
Power supply: 9V block, 6LR 61
 Construction tripod: Connection threading 5/8 inch, rugged light metal design, min length 105 cm, max length 160 cm, ground spikes.           Telescopic Levelling Staff Consisting of aluminum profile (cross-section 20 x 30 mm). Extendable from 130 cm to 240 cm. The flexibar allows the direct determination of differences in height during levelling.