Holesaws :: 1. TCT Holesaws (12mm deep)

TCT Holesaw 12mm Deep

Promac TCT Holesaw is the ideal solution to your metal cutting needs. Designed for sheet metal and stainless steel the TCT Holesaws will drill material thickness of up to 6.5mm and depth of up to 12mm. Diameters ranging from 16mm to 100mm available. The holesaw is supplied complete with a replaceable pilot drill and an arbor. The Promac TCT holesaw represents the best value for money on the market.


Part NumberDescription Retail Price 
ST-12L01616mm TCT Holesaw $44.80
ST-12L01818mm TCT Holesaw $44.80
ST-12L01919mm TCT Holesaw  $49.50
ST-12L02020mm TCT Holesaw  $49.50
ST-12L02222mm TCT Holesaw  $49.50
ST-12L02525mm TCT Holesaw  $49.50
ST-12L03030mm TCT Holesaw $57.50
ST-12L03232mm TCT Holesaw  $67.53
ST-12L03535mm TCT Holesaw  $67.53
ST-12L03838mm TCT Holesaw  $78.22
ST-12L04141mm TCT Holesaw  $90.92
ST-12L04545mm TCT Holesaw $90.92
ST-12L04848mm TCT Holesaw $102.95
ST-12L05151mm TCT Holesaw $115.70
ST-12L05454mm TCT Holesaw $115.70
ST-12L05656mm TCT Holesaw $131.03
ST-12L06060mm TCT Holesaw $131.03
ST-12L06565mm TCT Holesaw  $155.10
ST-12L07070mm TCT Holesaw  $166.50
ST-12L07373mm TCT Holesaw  $166.50
ST-12L07575mm TCT Holesaw  $179.85
ST-12L08080mm TCT Holesaw $194.55
ST-12L08585mm TCT Holesaw $217.95
ST-12L09090mm TCT Holesaw $233.30
ST-12L09595mm TCT Holesaw  $244.00
ST-12L100100mm TCT Holesaw $261.40
ST-12LDRILLTCT Holesaw Replacement Drill $8.00