Core Drilling :: 1. Light Weight Core Drills


Light weight core drill

Ideal for Brick and Block work -NOT for concrete or slab work. Gives versatility of core drilling from 25 to 110mm diameter. Speeds of up to 35% faster and with minimal breakthrough not normally associated with core drilling. lightweight, thin wall design, weighing 50% less than traditional core drills, meets less resistance when cutting through masonry materials. more accurate holes can be drilled faster, and breakthough minimised by drilling on rotation only mode, in softer materials. Great for plumbing and electical applications in brick, block, masonry, etc. Only for SDS+ or Hex Driven machines.  

Part Number


Retail Price

CL25SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$84.20
CL30SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$86.90
CL40SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$99.62
CL45SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$103.63
CL50SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$121.00
CL66SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$143.70
CL80SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$203.23
CL110SArmeg Light Weight Core Drill$336.95