Who is Promac?

Promac was founded in 1981.
Our objective is to supply high-quality tools and accessories that not only “do the job” but leave the user feeling pleased that they’ve chosen our product.
We test all of our products and make sure they perform to trade standards.

Why Promac?

Price is important… but so is the durability of a tool.
Inferior products can cause downtime, which can be a very costly exercise.
Sadly, many products imported into Australia today are of a very poor standard. Price is not always a true reflection of quality.
However, you can be assured that if Promac decides to distribute a product, it has been tested by us and meets all the requirements needed to accomplish its tasks.

Promac Tools

Australia has unique requirements. Working temperatures and the environment are harsh on both tools and tradesmen.
New methods of working and new materials provide new challenges on the job.
Promac prides itself on finding solution for most applications.
The only way that we can ensure that a product will work to the satisfaction of the user is to test it.

Promac Service

When you need a tool that last, check the Promac range.
We know we can save you time and money.
Promac also prides itself on excellent service to our dealers who are located throughout Australia and the Pacific region.